image 8ft x 30in Banquet (seats 8-10) available in wood or plastic$11.00
6ft x 30in Banquet (seats 6-9) available in wood or plastic$10.00
6ft x 18in Conference Table$10.00
4Ft x 30 in Rectangle Table
72in Round (seats 10) available in wood only$14.00
60in Round (seats 8) available in wood or plastic$12.50
1/2 Round 60in (great for cakes & beverages)$11.00
48in Round (seats 6) available in wood or plastic$11.00
36in Round (seats 4) available in wood only$8.50
36in Round High Top (42in tall)$17.00
30in Round High Top (42in tall)$16.00
30in Triangle High Top (42in tall)$14.00
24in Round High Top (42in tall)$13.00
Child's Table (6ft x 30in x 20in high)$11.00
72 in Serpentine Table available in wood only$12.00
60in Serpentine Table available in wood only$15.00
Fill-n-Chill Table 6ft x 30in (holds 7 cases of drinks & 75lbs of ice$30.00
Serpentine Bar including Black or White Skirting$50.00
Cupcake Table, 3 Tiers for 250 Cupcakes$35.00
Pre-arranged Setup & Take Down, per table$3.00


Black Folding Chair$2.15
White Folding Chair$2.35
White Resin Folding Chair, Padded$4.00
Black Resin Folding Chair, Padded$4.00
Chiavari Chair with Cushion$9.00
Mahogany Crossback
Wooden Bar Stool$7.00
Chiavari Bar Stool with Cushion$19.00
Child's White Resin Chair $2.25
Child's Chair RED, BLUE, AND YELLOW $1.50
Child's Folding White Samsonite Chair$1.70
Child's Booster Seat$6.00
Child's High Chair$15.00
Pre-arranged Setup & Take Down, per chair$ 1.00